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THE IDEA OF AN EXTERNAL SOUL .. .. Yet the history of thought should warn us against concluding that because the scientific theory of the world is the best that has yet been formulated, it is necessarily complete and final. We must remember that at bottom the generalisations of science or, in common parlance, the laws of nature are merely hypotheses devised to explain that ever-shifting phantasmagoria of thought which we dignify with the high-sounding names of the world and the universe .. .. but as often happens in the search after truth, if we have answered one question, we have raised many more; if we have followed one track home, we have had to pass by others that opened off it and led, or seemed to lead, to far other goals than the sacred grove at Nemi .. .. .. .. Amongst the Celts the oak-worship of the Druids is familiar to every one, and their old word for sanctuary seems to be identical in origin and meaning with the Latin nemus, a grove or woodland glade, which still survives in the name of Nemi. .. ([Latin nemus] and [Arabic نمى]) are words with the same pronunciation and meaning! .. What conclusion can be drawn based on the similitude pronunciation? .. .. Knowing that [Old Greek] stem chiefly from [Arabic], and that [Ancient Italy] may have adopted some loanwords from [Old Greek] and [Punic / Phoenician] .. Phoenician is A SEMITIC LANGUAGE like ARABIC! .. So, we can conjecture that some [Latin words, like nemus], may be traced back to some SEMITIC WORDS! .. THEREFORE [Nemi] and [Aricia] may be traced back to SEMITIC, hence to ARABIC? .. .. [Nemi] has the same pronunciation and meaning as arabic: [نمى] ? .. [Nemi = [نمى]= to grow, hence to thrive, to prosper], hence [Growth = نَماء =Wachstum = Fortplanzung (reproductive and vegetative growth)] .. .. Meaning of Aricia, In greek meaning is : Princess of the royal blood of Athens? .. [royal blood] refer to [descendant family tree], hence to [root = عرق], that is, [أصل الشجرة : الذي تتفرع منه العروق] .. One or more group of progenitors of a group of (descendants =أَصلُ).. example British race horses are descended (=أَصلُ) from Arab stallions .. [أَصلُ] meaning [ROOT = عرق]= the onomatopoeia of arabic: [عرق a-r-q]=[Aricia] .. .. Thus we can conjecture that [Aricia] means [عرق a-r-q] .. .. [ARICIA] refer to french word [RACINE] .. .. .. [RACINE (fils) 1837] hinweist auf - refer to one of the Delphic maxims [Γνῶθι σεαυτόν / Gnỗthi seautόn / Connais-toi toi-même], that was inscribed in the Temple of Apollo .. .. .. Reconnaissons (=erkennen, know) du moins celui par qui nous sommes,

Celui qui fait tout vivre et qui fait tout mouvoir :
S’il donne l’être à tout, l’a-t-il pu recevoir ?
Il précède les temps. Qui dira sa naissance ?
Par lui, l’homme, le ciel, la terre, tout commence,
Et, lui seul, infini, n’a jamais commencé.
Quelle main, quel pinceau dans mon âme a tracé
D’un objet infini l’image incomparable ?
Ce n’est point à mes sens que j’en suis redevable....
Et d’un être infini je me suis souvenu
Dès le premier instant que je me suis connu (=erkannt, known) .. Racine le fils, Poeme de la Religion ___

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