LIGEIA (=incoherent talk) is firstly Arabic, secondly Greek, and thirdly English?! .. Interesting Observations on The writings of Edgar Allan Poe .. The pronunciation of LIGEIA refer to Arabic? .. .. The canaanites colonised (Euboea+Peloponnesus)

Veröffentlicht auf von WENIG WORT .. .. « Tout ce que je sais, c’est que tous ceux dont j’ai parlé me manquent pour ainsi dire […] C’est drôle. Ne racontez jamais rien à personne. Si vous le faites, tout le monde se met à vous manquer. » (?? – ??) .. .. The novel's main thematic conflict pits the innocence and authenticity of childhood, as represented by Holden's sister //Phoebe// (??) .. L'Attrape-cœurs (The Catcher in the Rye) – J. D. Salinger – Der Fänger im Roggen .. the catcher in the rye analysis – meaning – quotes .. Le style – De plus, il y a cette interpellation étonnante, ce « vous » qui dès les premiers mots happe le lecteur et le bouscule, le place en position inconfortable, entre curiosité et connivence. C’est à vous, lecteur, que ce récit s’adresse, directement et sans artifice –'Attrape-c%C5%93urs .. .. – The Life of Ezra Stiles – Abiel Holmes .. .. – (Schopenhauer, it needs to be remembered, was influenced by Asian traditions of thought) ?? (nonsense) .. .. .. .. Baudelaire détache la poésie de la morale, la proclame tout entière destinée au Beau et non à la Vérité – (like POE)! .. .. mais aussi Balzac lorsque l'auteur de // La Comédie humaine // est attaqué et caricaturé pour sa passion des chiffres ou sa perversité présumée .. .. Outre des poèmes graves (Semper Eadem) ou scandaleux (Delphine (??) et Hippolyte (??)) .. .. .. .. En octobre, Brisco cède ses parts à Edgar, qui concrétise alors son rêve, en devenant l'unique propriétaire de l'hebdomadaire. Toutefois, il s'aliène les journalistes et le public bostonien lors d'une conférence, volontairement obscure, sur son poème Al Aaraaf – .. .. Charles Baudelaire: Edgar Poe, sa vie et ses œuvres – „In der Literaturgeschichte gibt es vergleichbare Schicksale, wahre Verdammnisse – Männer, in deren gewundene Stirnfalten das Wort ‚Pech’ in rätselhaften Zeichen eingegraben ist. (...) – .. .. .. .. Edgar Allan Poe Mystery & Detective Fiction Analysis .. .. Two probable sources are Voltaire’s Zadig: Ou, La Destinée, Histoire orientale (1748; Zadig: Or, The Book of Fate, 1749) and François-Eugène Vidocq’s Mémoires de Vidocq .. .. Poe mentions Zadig in “Hop-Frog” and thus most likely knew the story of Zadig’s ability to deduce the description of the king’s horse and the queen’s dog by examining tracks on the ground and hair left on bushes. He also mentions Vidocq, the first real-life detective, in “The Murders of the Rue Morgue” as a “good guesser,” but one who could not see clearly because he held the object of investigation too close .. .. .. .. .. .. AL AARAAF

Edgar Allan Poe, 1829 – "And what, Robert," he inquired, "is Nosology?"
"Sir," I said, "it is the science of Noses."
"And can you tell me," he demanded, "what is the meaning of a nose?"
"A nose, my father," I replied, greatly softened, "has been variously defined by about a thousand different authors." [Here I pulled out my watch.] "It is now noon, or thereabouts- We shall have time enough to get through with them all before midnight. To commence then: The nose, according to Bartholinus, is that protuberance- that bump- that excresence- that-"
"Will do, Robert," interupted the old gentleman – LIONIZING

Edgar Allan Poe, 1850 .. .. – Poe's description of the universe, even today, is sufficient to boggle the mind (??) – He employs Pascal's idea that the universe "'is a sphere of which the center is everywhere, the circumference, nowhere (??) – Very important is Poe's idea that the normal condition of the universe can be achieved only in the unity of the primary particle. As a result, all matter longs to return to that which gave it birth. The force which compels all matter to return to simpler forms is gravity. Because of gravity, all atoms lump together in the most comfortable posture possible until the particle proper is completely reassembled (??) – How did Poe, of all people, a poet and writer of tales, with a rudimentary understanding of Newtonian physics, postulate the existence of "black holes"? Only Simone-Pierre LaPlace's description predates Poe's; however, the French scientist did not fully understand that primary particles, with their prodigious gravitational fields, rule all matter in the universe. As Poe himself put it when accused of rehashing LaPlace's theories, "'The ground covered by the great French astronomer compares with that covered by my theory as a bubble compares with the ocean on which it floats.'" (Silverman 342) To this cosmic thread my series of essays shall return.

Let us extend our discussion of black holes because they are more nearly similar to Poe's primary particle than any other phenomenon in the universe. Because black holes absorb light, they are impossible to see; yet they profoundly affect proximate bodies (??) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Al Aaraaf (Al Aaraaf, 1829, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems) (??) .. Poe’s first published work was a pamphlet titled Tamerlane and Other Poems (??) , printed in 1827.
He wrote “Tamerlane”—an allegorical poem inspired by his thwarted love for Sara Royster, to
whom he was engaged prior to his leaving Richmond for the University of Virginia—that same
year, but the majority of the other poems were written when he was just fourteen .. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon
Pym, Poe’s only novel, will be shown. Although Poe
described his seafaring tale as a “very silly book,” its
influence can be detected in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick,
Henry James’s The Golden Bowl, and works by Jules Verne,
among others. Also on display will be one of only three
existing manuscript sheets of The Lighthouse, another terror
tale of the sea, which remained incomplete at the time of
Poe’s death. (??) .. In 1844 Poe wrote “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether,” a satire on current
treatments for insanity (??) – a state in which they remained until the
scroll was reassembled in 2013 (??) .. Poe did not originate the detective story (??), but he did establish the genre’s essential features. On
view will be an 1843 printed edition of “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” the first of Poe’s three
detective tales featuring an impoverished French aristocrat named C. Auguste Dupin, who served
as the model for another famous detective character, Sherlock Holmes. This connection will be
highlighted in the exhibition with the display of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s autograph manuscript
of The Hound of the Baskervilles .. Oscar Wilde was a great admirer of Poe, describing him as a “marvelous lord of rhythmic
expression,” “lord of romance,” and even a “grand poète celtique.” Wilde adapted the idea of the
double from William Wilson and a conceit from Poe’s story “The Oval Portrait” for his The
Picture of Dorian Gray, the autograph manuscript of which will be displayed.

Robert Louis Stevenson generally deprecated Poe’s choice of subject matter, but the first
reviewers of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde noted the tale’s debt to William
Wilson. Writing in the Saturday Review in 1886, Andrew Lang described Stevenson’s novel as
“like Poe with the addition of a moral sense” but lacking the “physical corruption and decay
which Poe was apt to introduce so frequently and with such unpleasant and unholy enjoyment.” .. .. .. ..
Lou Reed, legendary musician, songwriter, and artist, has created several works which engage directly with Poe’s writings .. .. « Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." » (Le corbeau dit : « Jamais plus ! ») .. .. Literary Criticism, "The Raven" – .. .. John Cale made statements on Reed's death, and others from outside the music industry also paid their respects, including Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi and Salman Rushdie .. A graphic novel “meant to be heard in the mind.” (??) –​totti/ .. .. Magic and Loss by Lou Reed, 1992 –"Sword of Damocles - Externally" – "Magician - Internally" – "Dreamin' - Escape" – "Power and Glory, Part II - Magic - Transformation" – "Warrior King - Revenge" – "What's Good - The Thesis" – "Dorita - The Spirit" – "Harry's Circumcision - Reverie Gone Astray" (??) .. .. .. –Favorite Author: Trudi Canavan at the momen .. Trudi Canavan (born 23 October 1969) .. .. .. EDGAR POE, SA VIE ET SES OEUVRES[1]

par Charles Baudelaire (1856) .. .. .. l existe une lettre charmante de Mme Frances Osgood, qui fut une des amies de Poe, et qui nous donne sur ses mœurs, sur sa personne et sur sa vie de ménage, les plus curieux détails. Cette femme, qui était elle-même un littérateur distingué, nie courageusement tous les vices et toutes les fautes reprochées au poëte.

«Avec les hommes, dit-elle à Griswold, peut-être était-il tel que vous le dépeignez, et comme homme vous pouvez avoir raison. Mais je pose en fait qu'avec les femmes il était tout autre, et que jamais femme n'a pu connaître M. Poe sans éprouver pour lui un profond intérêt. Il ne m'a jamais apparu que comme un modèle d'élégance, de distinction et de générosité...

«La première fois que nous nous vîmes, ce fut à Astor-House. Willis m'avait fait passer à table d'hôte le corbeau, sur lequel l'auteur, me dit-il, désirait connaître mon opinion. La musique mystérieuse et surnaturelle de ce poëme étrange me pénétra si intimement, que, lorsque j'appris que Poe désirait m'être présenté, j'éprouvai un sentiment singulier et qui ressemblait à de l'effroi .. EDGAR POE, SA VIE ET SES OEUVRES[1]

par Charles Baudelaire (1856) .. .. EUREKA – .. That every work of Divine conception must cöexist and cöexpire with its particular design, seems to me especially obvious; and I make no doubt that, on perceiving the final globe of globes to be objectless, the majority of my readers will be satisfied with my “therefore it cannot continue to exist.” – no conceivable case in which we may not employ the term Matter and the terms ‘Attraction’ and ‘Repulsion’ taken together, as equivalent, and therefore convertible, expressions in Logic – more than justified in entertaining a belief—let us say, rather, in indulging a hope—that the processes we have here ventured to contemplate will be renewed forever, and forever, and forever; a novel Universe swelling into existence, and then subsiding into nothingness, at every throb of the Heart Divine?

And now—this Heart Divine—what is it? It is our own – And now—this Heart Divine—what is it? It is our own (?? – ??) .. .. Manuscript Found in a Bottle
(1833) – Qui n'a plus qu'un moment a vivre
N'a plus rien a dissimuler.
–Quinault –Atys – .. .. .. .. ____________________________________________________ .. .. Guessing meaning from context is an important skill for vocabulary .. .. What Does Name "Ligeia" Mean? .. from [the arabic PointOfView - AngleDeVue], "Ligeia" would refer to arabic [اللغو]=Unsinn reden=to talk nonsense .. [لَغْوًا : أَخطأ وقال باطلا] =[commit mistakes in speaking] .. ROWENA has BLUE EYES .. BLACK EYES is a [mistake]=[لَغْوً] .. –> Conseauently [BLACK] presuppose, imply, [لَغْوً = INCOHERENT TALK] .. simple! .. kinderleicht! .. "Here then, at least," I shrieked aloud, "can I never –can I never be mistaken –these are the full, and the black, and the wild eyes –of my lost love –of the lady –of the LADY LIGEIA." .. .. Edgar Allan Poe talk incoherently and make a [DELIBERATE MISTAKE]=[BLACK EYES]=[لَغْوً = INCOHERENT TALK] .. Thereby THE DETECTIVE READER will learn, The exact meaning of the word LIGEIA .. kinderleicht! _____________ if we have answered one question, we have raised many more –> Greek λιγυς (ligys) would derive from ARABIC? .. Likewise LANGUAGE (french) and LINGUA (latin)! .. .. LIGEIA has a special importance! .. because the word LIGEIA [لَغْوً] belong to the Word family of the word LANGUAGE [اللُّغَةُ] .. from [the arabic PointOfView - AngleDeVue] –> [LIGEIA and LANGUAGE] are words derived from of the same root .. .. LAURA (to lure to tempt to seduce) .. .. Yet I believe that I met her first and most frequently in some large, old, decaying city near THE RHINE .. It is well-known that THE RHINE is associated with DIE LORELEI .. hence it might be a hint, einen Hinweis auf DIE LORELEI .. because DIE LORELEI and LIGEIA and LAURA are associated with the verb [لغا]=[to diverge or deviate] .. Example: [لغا عن الطريق]=[to diverge or deviate from the straight path]=[حاد عن الطريق] .. Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh'.
Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn,
Und das hat mit ihrem Singen,
Die Loreley getan .. DIE LORELEI verführt die schiffer! .. The Schiffer schauen nicht die Felsenriffe .. The Schiffer schauen nur hinauf in die Höh .. .. .. .. Hence the quotation from Joseph Glanvill .. [The weakness of The feeble will] is connected with LIGEIA .. LIGEIA is connected with DEVIATION from [sanity and reason - good sense]=[gesunder Menschenverstand] ..​and&suchspalte%5B%5D=rart_ou .. Intuition und 'gesunder Menschenverstand' werden von unserer Erfahrung geprägt .. .. On the contrary, The great will of God, does not deviate from from the straight path]=[لا يحود عن طريق الحق]

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