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WHERE DO YOU GO MY PRETTY MAID? .. What is your fortune, my pretty maid? __ My face is my fortune, Sir, she said __ Then I won't marry you, my pretty maid __ NOBODY ASKED TOU, SIR, she said __ __ __ Arthur's servant, a red, rough, ill-favoured man, spread the carpet before Arthur, Gwenn was the name of the carpet, and it was one of its properties, that whoever was upon it no one could see him, and he could see every one. And it would retain no colour but its own! __ [Gwenn] correspond to arabic [غوى]= [to deceive - to allure - tromper - égarer - to entice - anlocken - irreleiten - to lead astray] __ __ Arthur personate the [over-ambitious person], who steadily strive for worldly honors and desire eagerly reaching out for power! .. Arthur personate [Ehrdurst + Streben nach weltliche Macht]! .. Yvain personate [Vanity + inflated Pride in oneself + conceit]! .. It is well known that [Gavain, Yvain, Lancelot and Arthur] were worldly minded! - weltlich eingestellt! .. Arthur sat within [THE CARPET GWENN, THE CARPET OF TRICKERY AND DECEPTION], by reference to [غوى], and Yvain was standing before him .. Arthur: "will you play chess? .. The meaning of GWENN may also be derived from The Ghost Story of C. H. B. Kitchin BEAUTY AND THE BEAST .. GWENDOLEN may stand as a diminutive of GWENN .. GWENN would be opposing HOPE! .. [to do the opposite=das entgegengesetzte tun] .. Lady Pinnerlee have two daughters HOPE and GWENDOLEN _ _ _ _ What is the most precious of the gifts of Heaven? .. HOPE! .. Jesus asked God! .. and God accepted [Jesus' faint demand] .. Now, suppose that God rejected [Jesus' faint demand] .. in that case, Jesus cannot personate HOPE! .. Simple! logical! kinderleicht! .. it'is a two-fold demonstration: une Demonstration directe et une Demonstration par l'inverse .. .. OPEN YOUR EARS! .. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST .. JESUS' PRAYER, made with A FAINT VOICE, turn out to be not a futile attempt and a vain effort! .. [MISTRUST of GOD] did not enter the spirit of Jesus! .. On the contrary, Jesus persevered having TRUST, that GOD will save him! _ _ _ Because Jesus has sufficient reasons, to expect a lot from GOD'S PROVIDENCE AND PROTECTION! .. .. [JESUS GEBET] soll als Muster für unsere eigenen Entscheidungen dienen! .. Jesus' Gebet erweist sich nicht als einen vergeblichen Versuch, um das Leiden vermeiden zu können! .. On the contrary, [Jesus' Prayer] should be set before our eyes for guidance and imitation! .. .. HOPE and JESUS appear to be joined together! .. HOPE and JESUS sind miteinander verbunden! .. KALIMATU'ALLAH=JESUS=AL WAGIH FID'DONYA! _ _ IF ANY MAN HAVE EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR! --> [ And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith - Everything that you will ask in prayer and believe, you will receive - In other words, you will receive everything you ask for in prayer, no matter what it is, provided you have trust] - Matthew 21:22 .. [Jesus' Vorgehens-weise] in relation with [God's order] represent the best possible [Vorgehens-weise] to follow! .. [Jesus' Vorgehens-weise] soll als Muster genommen werden! .. Jesus deserves to be taken as one's model! .. to pattern one's conduct on Jesus - sich in sein eigenem Benehmen, ein Beispiel an Jesus nehmen! .. [JESUS' DEMAND] was (conveyed, disclosed, bekanntgegeben) in Evangelium and [GOD'S ANSWER] was conveyed in Quran =[إِذْ قَالَ اللّهُ يَا عِيسَى إِنِّي مُتَوَفِّيكَ] _ _ ONE completes THE OTHER! _ _ GOTT HAT ES SO GEPLANT! .. .. There is a similitude between [Griselda's Vorgehens-weise] and [Jesus' Vorgehens-weise] __ JESUS had TRUST in GOD! --> similarly GRISELDA had TRUST in WALTER .. WALTER refer to one of [God's names]: [المهيمن]= The DOMINANT SOVEREIGN! ... IN YOUR OPINION, WHO CAN HAVE MORE TRUST than JESUS? ... [the wrong side= les apparences - der Schein] vs. [the right side= the faith of Jesus - der Glaube] .. Whose side are you on? - Qui soutenez-vous? ... Vorsicht! Be careful! ... As a precaution, in order to be on the safe side! --> Don't go by appearances! - Ne jugez pas d' après les apparences! - Don't judge by appearances! --> Appearances can be deceptive! der Schein trügt! .. judge not by appearances, but by the faith of Jesus! .. urteile nicht nach dem Schein, sondern nach dem Glauben Jesus! ... Because it is not THE APPEARANCES, but THE FAITH OF JESUS, which constitute [THE CONNECTING LINK] between THE FOLLOWERS OF [JESUS], [AL WAGIH FID'DONYA]! .. The connecting link, das Binde-glied, le Lien .. The Clerk's Tale .. All over the country they said ugly things. One said, " He has killed his two children!He did not want Lady Griselda to love the children. She must love only the marquis." .. The morale, the lesson of that Tale: We should not judge by appearances or by the opinions of the people (die Pöbel - Annas) --> But by The Faith of LADY GRISELDA! .. Because --> Another said, " And yet she never changes in her love for him, and she still cares for all of us when we are poor or ill!" ... Zeit ist Leben! Und Leben wohnt im Herzen! – Michael Ende __ __ (im Herzen) allude to (FAITH, =in dem GLAUBEN) .. Time is Life! And Life abide in faith?! .. Similarly, GRISELDA abide in Faith --> And Faith reveals itself to be [The True Abode of Life]! .. “Abide In Me, And I In You” (John 15:4) .. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you ... "Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule" - Charles Dickens --> By analogy: "Take nothing on its looks; take everything on [God's evidence]. There's no better rule" .. [GOD hold incessantly THE SKY and THE EARTH, preventing them from their inevitable disappearance and from their inevitable extinction, from ceasing to be!] .. [إن الله يمسك السماوات والأرض أن تزول]! .. it' s therefore GOD'S VIEW, that count - as opposed to - THE VIEW OF THE PEOPLE (Annas) --> Because GOD is actually, believe it or not!, THE TRUE FAITHFUL ONE! .. GOTT ist sogar DER WAHRE GLÄUBIGE! --> Consequently ALL PEOPLES, ALL BEINGS, ALL ANGELS, ALL ENTITIES and ALL EXTRATERRESTRIALS, derive FAITH from GOD! .. Du sollst folglich GOTTES ANSICHT nicht wegwerfen! .. Du sollst im Gegenteil, GOTTES ANSICHT gelten lassen! --> Because only THE FAITHFUL ONE is qualified as A GOOD REFERENCE! .. nur DER WAHRE GLÄUBIGE eignet sich als A GOOD REFERENCE! .. PEOPLE depend therefore upon THE CLARITY and JUDICIOUSNESS, that GOD give them!--> because only GOD is proved to be impeccably JUDICIOUS! KLARBLICKEND! .. And not the reverse! --> THE REVERSE relates to [Adam's procedure], [Adam's Vorgehensweise]! __ __ __ __ http://www.elektronikpraxis.vogel.de/technologie-und-trends/articles/389089/ __ __ http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html__ __ THE WORLD is UNSHAKEABLE! --> Because metaphorically [GOD'S HAND] UPHOLD THE WORLD! __ Incredible!? __ This fact was excellently expressed, by the verse: [إن الله يمسك السماوات والأرض أن تزول]=[GOD hold incessantly THE SKY and THE EARTH, preventing them from disappearance (from ceasing to be)]=[GOTT festhält ununterbrochen! dauernd HIMMEL und ERDE] __ __ It is actually [GOD'S HAND], that prevents THE WORLD from ceasing to be! __ __ Metaphorically, it turn out to be true, that both expressions: 1. [THE WORD of THE TRUE GOD - DER WORT der WAHRHAFTIGEN GOTT] and 2. [GOD'S HAND - GOTTES HAND] are presently acting incessantly against THE DOWNFALL OF THE WORLD, preventing its EXTINCTION, its DISAPPEARANCE! __ __ Eigentlich und im wahrsten Sinne des wortes, es stellt sich als wahr heraus daß [GOTTES FESTE HAND] dauernd Himmel und Erde festhält, damit daß die Welt nicht untergeht! __ __ Similarly, Jesus, in his quality as [THE WORD from GOD] personate THE UNSHAKEABLE WILL OF GOD! __ __ Taliesin: THE SON of MARY is my trust, great in Him is my Delight, For in Him is the world continually upholden! __ __ [al-samawe:ti]=der Himmel, Les Cieux, The sky(s) __ [ar-[ض]a]= die Erde, The earth __ [yumsiku]=fassen, festhalten, hold __ [God yumsiku al-samawe:ti wal ar-[ض]a an ta-zu:la] __ __ http://www.timelessmyths.com/celtic/mabinogion.html#Bard __ __ __ __ Peredur __ DO YOU REMEMBER ME? __ A Castle on a lofty mountain, and a maiden therein, and she is detained prisoner there, and whoever shall set her free will attain THE SUMMIT OF THE FAME OF THE WORLD! __ TROMMLER TROMMLER, hör mich an __ Hast du mich denn ganz vergessen? __ Hast du auf dem Glasberg nicht bei mir gesessen? __ Habe ich vor der Hexe nicht bewahrt dein Leben? __ Hast du mir auf Treue nicht die Hand gegeben? __ TROMMLER, TROMMLER, HÖR MICH AN! __ __ __ __ PERCEVAL from The waste land, vom Öden-wald, MOTHER'S NAME is ENIGEUS, corresponding phonetically (=it’s pronunciation!) to arabic [نقص]=[DEFICIENCY - hence INNER NEED] __ William James: Hardly a law has been established in science, hardly a fact ascertained, which was not FIRST SOUGHT AFTER, often with sweat and blood, to gratify AN [INNER NEED]=[نقص]=[ENIGEUS]! __ Plato saying : [NECESSITY] is the mother of invention! might as well say that [ENIGEUS] is the mother of invention! __ Strictly speaking, [نقص]=[ENIGEUS] lead up to two possibilities! ... 1. to [Discouragement - Entmutigung - inferiority complex] .. and in such case, The mind resign to Defeat and become infertile! __ __ Adler used the word complex differently from Jung __ or 2 . responding to feelings of inferiority in [ healthy ways = selim ways ], in order to maintain, keep up, bewahren, one's hopes __ and in such case, The mind may become inventive and fertile! __ __ man schöpft Mut! Und läßt sich nicht entmutigen! __ though [our Faith - unser Glaube] would be based on frail and unsubstantial foundations: on acting [AS IF] method! - [ALS OB]Methode Alfred Adler __ __ Zum Spaß __ __ The saying: [not a cat in hell's chance! __ nicht die geringste Aussicht, alludes to hopeless situations! __ The deplorable situation of THE MARQUIS OF CARABAS, who left the mill, at the death of his father, inheriting only a cat, a disdainful inheritance, eine erbärmliche Erbschaft! __ His share of the inheritance (la part, le lot, la portion, qui lui revenait de la fortune de son père), was a cat, an unfair and pitiful inheritance, making him feel an INNER NEED, which expressed by the word: ENIGEUS=[نقص]=[DEFICIENCY]= [diminution less shortage lack smallness] referring thus to THE LOWER CLASS PEOPLE, those considered humble and minor in influence, power or rank! __ As opposed to THE HIGHER RICH CLASS PEOPLE, THE NOBILITY, who live in OPULENCE and ABUNDANCE __ __ __ __ FATHER'S NAME is ALAIN LI GROS, THE ENEMY OF PARTINIAL __ li gros = the great one! __ PARTINIAL,The adversary of Alain, refer to PARTS [polytheism]! __ As opposed to ALAIN, who refer to [UN= ONE], meaning thus GOD! __ referring thus to UNITY [monotheism] __ __ __ __ http://www.mabinogion.info/rhonabwy.htm __ __ Rhonabwy: "Who is the man who bore the sword of Arthur?" __ Iddawc: " Kadwar, the earl of Cornwall, whose duty is to arm the King on the days of battle! __ [Kadwr= Cador] refer indubitably and indisputably to arabic [قادر]= [capable] __ __ __ Perceval abandoned from the beginning his mother, in order to follow the deceitful appearances of the world, der falsche Schein der Welt! __ Enigeus= shortage of means), as financial recources, funds, Geldmittel __ __ Perceval altered a lot and succeeded finally to change his desires from [worldly concerns] to [spiritual concerns]! .. [Perceva and Laucelot] haben sich stark verändert! Sie beschließen ihren Leben, ihren Tagen, in Frömmigkeit .. Sie stehen also im Kontrast zu [Gavain, Yvain, Kai, Lancelot and the other Knights], who did not spend the last part of their lives in Piety! .. .. The names both names:[Herzeleid] and [Enigeus], suggest [intolerable, difficult psychological situations] .. Herzeleid relate to [Sorrow and Sadness] .. hence to [erbärmlich, elend Fühlungen] __ to be called or referred by his Mother refer and reveal habitually HUMBLE ORIGINS .. .. What were God's reasons, by chosing that Jesus would be called after the name of a woman! .. .. Jesus became called after his mother! .. It is not a coincidence! .. Thereby ignorant people will join Jesus in their collective memory, to the despised bastards! .. Because the bastards are likewise called after the names of their mothers! .. It appears that God arranged things intentionally, in this way! .. Il s' avère que c'est un choix qui a était planifié par la sagesse de Dieu! .. Es stellt sich heraus daß Gott, der Weise, hat es absichtlich auf diese Weise geordnet! .. It's a test, from God, The wise one! .. in fact, it's , in reality, a trap! .. God set a trap for The haughty man! .. God catches The haughty man, like a rat, in that trap! ... Because Bastards are not always welcome! But often despised! .. Most people dissociate them from their children and from the masses! .. And consider them inferior! ... But The humble men will surely not consider them inferior, since they are humble! ... Here is a parallel with Noah! .. All the followers of Noah, were humble people! - Quran .. Similarly, all those who will be counted as The followers of Jesus, should be humble people .. Consequently, all haughty people cannot be considered as Followers of Jesus .. .. Galahad, unlike Perceval, was from beginning, [geistig eingestellt]! .. He needed neither a Learning nor a Probation (a period of testing and Trial to ascertain one's aptitude and talent) _________________________________________

The Ten Commandments
Then God spoke all these words, saying:

Ich bin der Herr, dein Gott ... I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery!

Du sollst keine anderen Götter haben neben mir = You shall have no other gods before Me! = YOU SHALL HAVE SOLELY YOUR GOD! .. .. .. .. .. .. ..http://www.deadseascrolls.org.il/featured-scrolls .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Groß ist unser Herr

Groß ist unser Herr und groß seine Macht
und seiner Weisheit kein Ende!

Lobt ihn, Sonne, Mond und Planeten,
in welcher Sprache immer euer Loblied
dem Schöpfer erklingen mag!
Lobt ihn, ihr himmlischen Harmonien,
und auch ihr, die Zeugen und Bestätiger
seiner enthüllten Wahrheiten!
Und du, meine Seele,
singe die Ehre des Herrn dein Leben lang!

Von ihm und durch ihn und zu ihm
sind alle Dinge,
die sichtbaren und unsichtbaren.
Ihm allein sei Ehre und Ruhm
von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit!


Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) ... [in whatever Language immer euer Loblied
dem Schöpfer erklingen mag]

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