Veröffentlicht auf von WENIG WORT​.html?pagewanted=2 .. In Doyle's fiction, Dr. Winslow also finds tantalizing clues. Doyle's novel, The Lost World, is thought by one of the exposers of the hoax to have been inspired by the find at Piltdown. But in fact, according to Dr. Winslow, the book was conceived and executed before the startling array of fossils started to emerge from the pit. It was prediction, not description, he says .. .. Similarly the name of the city: VERMISSA is to connect with "PREDICTION, not DESCRIPTION" .. .. to be vermißt = to be listed as a missing person .. .. Prediction=vorhersehen .. Consequently we assume that Conan Doyle had predicted (foreseen) the deplorable end of Mac Murdo, from the beginning (?!) .. .. from there comes the choice of the relevant (zutreffend) name "Vermissa" .. .. THE QUESTION is: Had Conan Doyle understood (realized) the meaning of the german verb vermißen (?!) .. The answer to this question, must be clearly solved .. Because we know, for certain, that Conan Doyle had not understood (realized) the meaning of the german names: Von Bork and Von Herling .. .. By analogy, Defoe, in Robinson Crusoe (1719) and Chrétien de Troyes (1182), revealed and explained, little by little, the reason for calling the rescued indian "Friday". Or for giving the name "Perceval" .. They did not give the meanings of these names, in advance! .. .. The reason for choosing the name of the city VERMISSA (=LOST), is the bad news –> Jack has been LOST overboard off St. Helena .. .. Unlike Holmes, who was successful against Moriarty, MacMurdo had not been a success at last .. WHY? .. THE ANSWER may be found in the name: EDWARDS .. or BIRDY EDWARDS ("bird" is derogative, and would allude to "non-intelligent reasoning") .. "Edwards" is derived from Old English Ēadweard, from eād (“rich”) + weard (“guard”) .. .. In fact, Murdo infiltrated the criminal organization because he had been engaged by "rich corporations", who set themselves the task of clearing out the Scowrers .. .. In other words, Mac Murdo was not a champion (le defenseur and Vassal) of the working-class and the disadvantaged sections of the population –> But a champion of the capitalist and privileged, capitalist big companies .. .. In fact, Murdo represent the very wealthy group of companies, who are firsly preoccupied with the defense of their own interests .. These "rich corporations" were chiefly proccupied with the "guarding" of their "Prosperity" (corporations, that strive to strengthen and have monopoly in their industrial sectors) .. .. In contrast, Scherlok Holmes don't act out of the interest of "influential people" and "corporations" .. Holmes is chiefly preoccupied with his "science of deduction" and "the conduct of the understanding" (Holmes don't act on account of some influential cercles of persons) .. .. Holmes acts principally for the benefit of the Queen .. Queen=Wisdom=Sophia .. In fact, the book "Practical Handbook of Bee Culture" is an allusion to The "Queen" .. Selbstverständlich the "rich corporations" are not expected to act for The Queen .. That is, the "rich corporations" may not necessarily value "uprightness" or "equal rights", to the detriment of their "Profits" .. .. Figuratively speaking, The "rich corporations" are linked up with their KINGS OF BOHEMIA –> that is, with their FOOLISHNESS .. While "wise men", like "Holmes"are linked up with their respective "Irène Adler", who symbolize The Queen (=Sophia) .. .. "The old sweet song" said Holmes. "How often have I heard it in days gone by" .. Altamont of Chicago, ALTAMONT is to associate metaphorically with "influential people", "famous lodges", "rich corporations" .. THE SOUTH DOWNS is to associate with the working-class, honest people, and the disadvantaged sections of the population .. .. useful links ..​cess/piltdown-man-hoax/suspects/index.html .. ..​ilt.html ..​_case_pilt.html ..​-conan-doyle-s-artifacts-ends-with.html .. ..​ic-who-killed-himself-but-made-it-look-like-murder.html ..​l-1.434915 .. .. ... loke / Not on his Picture, but his Booke! .. The cautionary words of Ben Jonson warning all who strive to know what Shakespeare really looked like .. Conan Doyle: It is our familiarity also which has lessened our perception od the miraculous good fortune which we enjoy. Let us suppose that we were suddenly to learn that Shakespeare had returned to earth, and that he would favour any of us with an hour of his wit and his fancy. How eagerly we would seek him out! And yet we have him –the very best of him– at our elbows from week to week, and hardly trouble ourselves to put out our hands to beckon him down! .. .. zu verarbeiten .. the use of the german words "Borke - Herling - Vermissa", for example, show up that [Conan doyle] was not aware of their true metaphorical meanings! .. [ Vermissa - USA / Cairo - Egypt / Balsora / Irak ] is a superficial, insufficient knowledge! .. That Knowledge don't reveal [the true light - lesson - morale] or (The decisive factor) that led to refer to them! .. Vermissa refer probably to the verb vermissen (the missing person= der vermißte). Mc Murdo had been (lost overboard)=(als vermißt gemeldet)=(porté disparu), in a gale off St Helena. No one knows how accident occurred .. Similarly Wilhelm Hauff didn't realize the meaning of the verb: qahara (Cairo) ⇒ he was not aware that CAIRO refer to VICTORIOUS! And not the reverse, that is, it don't refer to LOSS, DEFEAT and DEATH of Almansor! .. .. .. .. SHER-LOCK? .. [sher] is suggestive of the verb: [to shear (eng.)= scheren (ger.) = couper (fr.)], which correspond to arabic [قص] .. .. .. [lock] may also refer to .. [a tuft, tress, or ringlet of hair / the hair of the head ] .. CONSEQUENTLY –> SHERLOCK would allude to (the figurative meaning) of BARBER .. references to THE BARBERS of MIDAS, BAGDAD, and GRIMMELSHAUSEN .. it follows: SHERLOCK HOLMES = THE BARBER HOLMES .. .. [lock] may also refer also to [LOCKED UP THINGS], hence of [HIDDEN THINGS or SECRETS] .. It results that [SHER-LOCK] would suggest [TO DISCLOSE HIDDEN THINGS, TO FURNISH A KEY FOR SOLVING THEM] .. .. There's a subtle reference to arabic, in the word [sher-lock], because [sher] refer to arabic verb: [قص] .. In turn, [قص], has in arabic a two-fold meaning! .. that is, [قص]=[to shear] + [قص]=[to tell a story, erzählen] .. Doing so, [CONAN DOYLE] made use of the original ancient meaning of The word "[قص]", that had been used by [THE MOST HIGH GOD] in al-Quran! .. A mere coincidence? ... HOLMES = BOTTOMS = BASIC REVELATIONS .. etymology: hol-mr (hyll+meer)? a small inshore solitary island? .. There might be a possible connection with LA TOUR (hyll) qu'avait construite Méléagant pour y enfermer LANCELOT __ THE GOLDEN BOUGH: Mistletoe has been deemed a protection against witches and trolls, and the ancients may well have credited it with the same magical virtue. And if the parasite can, as some of our peasants believe, open all locks, why should it not have served as an “open Sesame” in the hands of Aeneas to unlock the gates of death? .. .. By way of analogy, [sher] meaning [قص], would stand for the verb: [open] .. OPEN SESAME .. .. HOLMES would refer to the metaphorical meaning of OAK (holm-oak) ? .. Golden Bough: It is a plausible theory that the reverence which the ancient peoples of Europe paid to the oak, and the connexion which they traced between the tree and their sky-god, were derived from the much greater frequency with which the oak appears to be struck by lightning than any other tree of our European forests _______ .. .. [SHER-LOCK holmes] allude to LOCK .. in turn, LOCK imply a KEY [der Schlüssel] .. in the tale [Der goldene Schlüssel], KEY had been connected with WINTER –> Because the poor boy had gone out to fetch wood, in a winter's day, when a deep snow was lying on the ground .. LOCK and KEY become thus connected together with [WINTER] .. Taking into account that the arabic etymology of WINTER, refer to verb: [dissemble, to resolve] .. It follows that THE KEY would become connected with ARABIC! .. THE GOLD KEY - The boy tried the key, and behold! it fitted exactly. Then he turned it once round, and now we must wait until he has quite unlocked it, and lifted the lid up; and then we shall quite learn what wonderful treasures were in the chest .. .. ________ The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Short Stories: The Return of Sherlock Holmes ... Arthur Conan Doyle ______ Clarifications about LOCKS and KNOTS .. Golden Bough .. Again knots may be used by an enchantress to win a lover and attach him firmly to herself. Thus the love-sick maid in Virgil seeks to draw Daphnis to her from the city by spells and by tying three knots on each of three strings of different colours. So an Arab maiden, who had lost her heart to a certain man, tried to gain his love and bind him to herself by tying knots in his whip; but her jealous rival undid the knots. On the same principle magic knots may be employed to stop a runaway. In Swazieland you may often see grass tied in knots at the side of the footpaths. Every one of these knots tells of a domestic tragedy. A wife has run away from her husband, and he and his friends have gone in pursuit, binding up the paths, as they call it, in this fashion to prevent the fugitive from doubling back over them. A net, from its affluence of knots, has always been considered in Russia very efficacious against sorcerers; hence in some places, when a bride is being dressed in her wedding attire, a fishing-net is flung over her to keep her out of harm’s way. For a similar purpose the bridegroom and his companions are often girt with pieces of net, or at least with tight-drawn girdles, for before a wizard can begin to injure them he must undo all the knots in the net, or take off the girdles. But often a Russian amulet is merely a knotted thread. A skein of red wool wound about the arms and legs is thought to ward off agues and fevers; and nine skeins, fastened round a child’s neck, are deemed a preservative against scarlatina. In the Tver Government a bag of a special kind is tied to the neck of the cow which walks before the rest of a herd, in order to keep off wolves; its force binds the maw of the ravening beast. On the same principle, a padlock is carried thrice round a herd of horses before they go afield in the spring, and the bearer locks and unlocks it as he goes, saying, “I lock from my herd the mouths of the grey wolves with this steel lock.” __________________________

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