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Don Juan - Erasing Personal History .. .. Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it .. .. .. C.S. Lewis' The Discarded Image - The Medieval Situation: Changes in language soon made Anglo-Saxon unintelligible even in England. Elements from the old Germanic and the old Celtic world undoubtedly exist –> –> But how hard we have to look for them! .. The debt which the love-poets may owe to the barbarians is SHADOWY AND CONJECTURAL .. their debt to THE CLASSICS, or even, as now appears, to THE ARABIANS, is much more certain .. .. .. Cedric the Saxon? .. CEDRIC THE SAXON, like GIL BLAS, fall victim to PRIDE and SELF-IMPORTANCE .. .. [Cedric] refer probably to arabic [sadr']=[صدر]=[breast]=[Brust]=[poitrine]=[Chest] .. [Cedric] would simply allude therefore to –> [Cedric's robust breast] .. referring to [his Breast Swollen in Pride], [puffed up with pride] .. –> .. hence it would allude to his [exaggerated self importance]! .. .. You have to be aware of the uselessness of your self-importance and of your personal history .. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone .. Every effort should be made to eradicate self-importance .. To isolate one's acts as being mean, or ugly, or evil is to place an unwarranted importance on the self .. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone .. .. .. Anwari Soheili and the uselessness of everything .. Ist einer Welt Besitz für dich zerronnen - sei nicht in Leid darüber, es ist [nichts] .. und hast du einer Welt Besitz gewonnen - sei nicht erfreut darüber, es ist [nichts] .. .. .. .. The life of this world - Is ruled by wind* - Weeping, dread - and stirring: With wind* we grow bigger - With wind* we wither .. .. .. .. .. Eleven hounds this woman has - And after me she'll send them - Like a shrew she threatens me - Crying out, `Dogs, go, rend him! - Thus I'm driven. I dread my death - I'll die before my day .. .. .. For well or woe away it goes - This world it winds away* .. .. .. Meaning of [Ivanhoe]?! .. [Ivan+hoe] .. [I-van] contraction of [I-vain] .. [vain] referring to french [du vent] .. arabic [hoe هواء] .. englich [wind / air] .. german [Luft] .. .. .. both [vain + hoe] refer to [nichts] –> [du vent, Nichtigkeit, inutilité, vide, emptiness, vanity, futilité, fruitlessness] .. hence [vain, conceit, Eitelkeit, Blendwerk, Hochmut, Einbildung, Dünkel, Conceitedness, Selbstgefälligkeit, etc.] .. .. [air wind vent هواء] and [هوي =(passion + fall)], have negative connotations! .. .. [Athelstane and Ivanhoe] correspond to [Ivain and Gauvain] .. .. Meaning of Gurth .. "Gurth the swineherd" .. [Gurth] may refer to [قرف] .. [Gق] + [Rر] + [THف] .. to loathe = Ekel empfinden = etwas nicht ausstehen können = [قرف] = excite LOATHING, DISGUST, when approached oe coming in contact with it = to be nauseous .. .. The allusions to [قرف], are the quotations: "ABOMINATION", "SUPERCILIOUSLY" (=hochnäsig), "THE COMPANY" .. .. "Where sleeps Gurth the swineherd?" said the stranger.
"Gurth," replied the bondsman, "sleeps in the cell on your right, as the Jew on that to your left; you serve to keep the child of circumcision separate from [THE ABOMINATION]* of his tribe. You might have occupied a more honourable place had you accepted of Oswald's invitation."
"It is as well as it is," said the Palmer; "[THE COMPANY]*, even of a Jew, can hardly spread contamination through an oaken partition."
.. .. Gurth, whose occupation, though now held so mean, gave him as much consequence in Saxon England as that of Eumaeus in Ithaca, was offended at the familiar and commanding tone assumed by the Palmer. "The Jew leaving Rotherwood," said he, raising himself on his elbow, and looking [SUPERCILIOUSLY]* at him without quitting his pallet, "and travelling in company with the Palmer to boot—"______ GURTH - YAHOOS .. J. Swift: I began last week to permit my wife to sit at dinner with me, at the farthest end of a long table; and to answer (but with the utmost brevity) the few questions I asked her. Yet, the smell of a YAHOO continuing very offensive, I always keep my nose well stopped with rue, lavender, or tobacco leaves. And, although it be hard for a man late in life to remove old habits, I am not altogether out of hopes, in some time, to suffer a neighbour YAHOO in my company, without the apprehensions I am yet under of his teeth or his claws .. .. But the HOUYHNHNMS, who live under the government of reason, are no more proud of the good qualities they possess, than I should be for not wanting a leg or an arm; which no man in his wits would boast of, although he must be miserable without them. I dwell the longer upon this subject from the desire I have to make the society of an English YAHOO by any means not insupportable; and therefore I here entreat those who have any tincture of this absurd vice, that they will not presume to come in my sight _________ There is parallrel between THE PALMER (W.Scott) and SAI:D (W.Hauff) ..
"It is to tell you," said the Palmer, "that if you leave not this mansion instantly, and travel not with some haste, your journey may prove a dangerous one."
"Holy father!" said the Jew, "whom could it interest to endanger so poor a wretch as I am?"
"The purpose you can best guess," said the Pilgrim; "but rely on this, that when the Templar crossed the hall yesternight, he spoke to his Mussulman slaves in the Saracen language, which I well understand, and charged them this morning to watch the journey of the Jew, to seize upon him when at a convenient distance from the mansion, and to conduct him to the castle of Philip de Malvoisin, or to that of Reginald Front-de-Boeuf." – Eines Abends beim Nachthausegehen von dem Kampfplatz vernahm SAI:D einige Stimmen, die ihm bekannt schienen. Vor ihm gingen vier Männer, die sich langsamen Schrittes über etwas zu beraten schienen. Als SAI:D leise näher trat, hörte er, daß sie den Dialekt der Horde Selims in der Wüste sprachen, und ahnte, daß die vier Männer auf irgendeine Räuberei ausgingen. Sein erstes Gefühl war, sich von diesen vieren zurückzuziehen; als er aber bedachte, daß irgend etwas Böses verhindern könnte, schlich er sich noch näher herzu, diese Männer zu behorchen ______________________________________________________

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